Mikael Joonatan

Musician, dancer and multidisciplinary artist
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MIKAEL JOONATAN (FIN) is a musician, dancer and multidisciplinary artist currently living in Kuopio, Finland. 

He has worked as a composer, performer, dancer, musician and piano teacher in Finland, France and Portugal. He is at home in improvisation -based multidisciplinary practices where different ways of being and doing co-exist, interact, support and reach towards each other. 

In 2022-2024 he is working in several collaborative dance pieces focusing on the interconnection between dance and music, while clearing and writing down his multidisciplinary praxis, slowly cooking a music album and a choreographic piece and working on the second part of a photographic piece on human body and nature.

Besides work, he is currently studying choreography in 1-year course in Uniarts Helsinki and music pedagogy in Savonia university of applied sciences. His previous studies include vocational contemporary dance degree from Riveria Outokumpu, and music studies in Metropolia University of applied sciences and Université Paris 8. 

At the moment of writing this text he is inspired by frost, resting, berries, chord progressions, muscles, pleasure and gravity.

(This website is under construction and slowly updating after years of not being active, thank you for your visit!)