Mikael Joonatan is a finnish music creator and transdisciplinary artist. At the moment he works mainly with acoustic piano, body, text, voice, image and space. He started playing piano at the age of three. Some years later dance came to his life. He feels home on stage, in a forest, on a bike, in a dance studio and in a train going somewhere. He is inspired by movement, nature, the subconsciousness, body, this moment, fruits and the spaces in between.

He has lived and worked in Finland, France and Portugal,  mainly composing music for theatre pieces, dance pieces, video projects and bands, organizing concerts and performing in theatre and dance pieces. He spent one year living alone with piano in a small portuguese village on the edge of Europe. That year started a long artistic transition phase and an intensive research period on creative process and artistic solo work.

Keywords of his making at the moment could be: nature, piano, movement, brainstorming, purity, light, birds, green, smile, dance, acoustic piano, contemporary dance, yoga, black humor, breathing, space, investigation, manipulation, frames, flirting, insecurity, water, mindsets, roles, seasons, self-investigation, mental health, openness, forest, piano strings, body, food, sexuality, curiosity.

Currently he is based in Helsinki, where he has a working space in old mental hospital called Lapinlahden Sairaala.

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