…is the man you’re looking for if you need

original music for a dance or theatre performance, or for a film or video? (composition)
- dance and theatre performances
- short or full length films
- advertisement videos
- company videos
- tv-shows

a songwriter?
- for groups, fellow artists, labels, individuals.
- songbank of unpublished demos available in request
- co-writing with other creating creatures

a pianist/musician? 
- accompagnement for theatre shows, dance performances, music classes etc…
- guest pianist for live gigs
- pianist for recordings, also possible by correspondance
- private parties, background piano music or a performance

fresh group for a gig?
- The Only Finn In The Village -is his new project and starts gigging in the summer 2014

a performer for interdisciplanary performance?
- interdisciplinary performer/worker for art projects (music, dance, poetry, video, photo, theatre) etc.
- Kuosmanen Kuusamo Ensemble is a performing art duo he has with actress Anna Kuusamo

some visual material from Portugal’s beautiful landscape?
- He can arrange you some photo or video material from amazing views of Portugal.

special program or tour in Lisbon and Sintra area in Portugall
- book for example a special home concert or a walking tour in the small villages with him. Contact for more info.


Mikael Kuosmanen
mikael.joonatan (at) gmail.com
+351 91 046 65 78